So I finally got myself out there and motocamped for the first weekend of the season!
I made a reservation at Lake Maria State Park at site B1. It was a gorgeous site on a small lake full of families of geese with their goslings, muskrats (that are very active at night) cranes, ducks, and I even saw a few garter snakes.

     The geese, however, are just wrapping up their mating season. There were 2 groups of mama and papa geese with 3 goslings each. A new couple without any goslings arrived in the lake and were instantly contested. Apparently the resident geese didn't take kindly to another couple on their lake. They were very territorial and had a stand off of sorts.
     Either way I had to listen to them fight all night. Geese, when pissed, hiss and growl at each other like busted kazoos. It's pretty annoying.
     The muskrats jumped in the water at all hours of the night doing cannon balls like Ham from The Sand Lot. They slapped their tails and scrounged around the edges of the lake looking for dropped wood and debris to add to their nest that was already the size of a car! They must've been there a few years. There might've been 4 muskrats at one time zipping across the lake.
    I read an informational kiosk on a hike in the park that stated muskrats are essential to healthy wetland growth, their gathering of wood and debris on the edges of wetlands keep plants free of obstruction promoting more plant growth. Basically if you see little muskrat huts, you got yourself a clean ecosystem.

     I spent this weekend filming the 2W1C 'Gear Series' which should hopefully be out in a few weeks.  The series will include short films ranging from a few seconds to 3 minutes on the pros, cons, and functions of the types of gear I own. There will be links to Amazon in each description so people can feel free to purchase the gear!

     I found that the gear that I have is built for long-distance travel that can go on for weeks.
For weekend travel I brought WAY too much. The plan was to film it, sure, but I'm uncertain how slimming down would work unless I reworked things a bit.

Anywho, enough for now. Can't wait to get out there again!