Well here we go. The first Blog.

This would be the place where I'd put a really inspiring message to viewers and fans regarding how short life is and how we all need to leave our comfort zones.
While I really feel that way, at the moment I'm just sort of spewing words onto a page.

The website, at the moment, is still in its infancy stages and I'm just ramping up for the 2017 year.
The Dakota War episodes from Season 2 are currently being released and will continue to go on as such throughout the summer and most likely into the fall.
I'm currently in the process of editing season 3 for a future date and man, weekly releases means this could go on forever.

I have far too much footage. There's too much I want to do!  I'm trying to build a website for the first time in my life. I'm literally spending hours and hours editing and putting together footage. I'm finding ways to put together videos so people will watch them while also learning how to POST them so I can promote the channel and get more views. To be honest it's not the views that I'm after, it's the subscribers.
The more people that subscribe to the channel, the more comments and views there will be in the long term.
This could be a hobby that goes on for a few years or so. Who knows where it will go?

Apparently I'm being contacted by news outlets regarding Operation Vasa. Will that give me a bigger base? Who knows?

To be honest I'm really trying to figure out what 2W1C is REALLY about. It's a mix of things.

I go on motocamping trips to get myself in the great outdoors and mix hobbies I genuinely enjoy. Why film it then? Do I strive to become a public figure? Do I want the world to go out and start motocamping? To be honest I'm generally happy if people want to do 'armchair travel' and watch adventures of others. There's nothing wrong with it- it's entertainment!

The editing though. Man. Tedious.
There's so much to go through I wonder where I find the steam to do it.
The biggest rush I get out of it is when I post content. The streams of views and comments really push me along.

Season 2 was about 5-6 months of pure editing without a single post. That was a tough strech. I really pushed myself every step of the way knowing that one day, hopefully, several hundred individuals will click on it and voluntarially watch it.

It's easy to underestimate how much time is really going into viewing.  At the moment of writing this blog I've taken up 33,442 hrs of human time though just viewership alone. That's 23.22 days!  You still reading this?

Anyway, I'm still pushing through and hoping for the best. I'd like a large viewership and opportunities to improve my craft. I'd like to be an ambassador of my community and teach people the lessons and stories of the past. Expose others to cultures and their histories.

I do this for many reasons. People probably watch the channel for many reasons as well. I just hope I don't lose sight of what it means to be a motocamping vlogger- whatever THAT means....